Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our weekend

We had the most AMAZING time on our marriage enrichment retreat this weekend. I had good expectations for it but it even exceeded those.

We were on our retreat from 5pm on Friday until 9 am on Sunday. We stayed at this wonderful place in Pine Knoll Shores right before Atlantic beach. There was no internet or tv in our rooms so you had tons of time to focus on each other. There were lots of wooded paths and ponds and it really was so incredibly beautiful. That was just our surroundings!

We were at the retreat with about 10 or so other couples. 3 of which were pregnant too so that was pretty cool. We had our classes as a group but did exercises as couples and then could share what we learned with the group if we chose to. We really learned so much and it made us realize a lot too. Almost all of the couples were there to try and get help with communication and almost all of them had similar problems or disagreements. It was great to see how they dealt with these things and talk to others about it.

I would seriously highly recommend everyone goes to one of these at some point. It's not marriage counseling or divorce counseling or anything like that. It's just an opportunity to learn how to communicate better with your spouse and in the end love each other deeper and really appreciate one another.

Here is the Credo website for the Lejeune area ladies

At least check it out. It's FREE and you get all of your meals and rooms included. It's a great experience and I am SOOOOO thankful we went on this.


  1. My husband and I went on one of those in 2008 in Los Angeles through Credo at Camp Pendleton. I'm glad you both got so much out of it. :)


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