Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby things!

I am super excited right now.

We just bought Abigail's first car seat for a whopping $40! And it's the one I wanted! I'm so excited.

Tomorrow I am buying 3 hugs bags of infant girls clothes for $100. There are like 400 pieces all together! How great of a deal is that?

I LOVEEEE lejeune yardsales!


  1. Yay thats so great! Take a pic of cute baby clothes, I want to seeeeeee!

  2. What a steal on those baby clothes!!! I promise I'm not trying to be a know it all but just be sure to check the manufactures information on the carseat....soooo many carseats are recalled every year (especially the Graco infant carriers). I know it seems like a steal to get a carseat at a yardsale...but it can be dangerous too. Just a little fyi!!!


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