Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ok I'm back.

Sorry for the distance lately. Between traveling home for Thanksgiving, having my baby shower, and being around all of my friends and family I have had zero time for blogging. I'll catch you up a little though, no worries.

So the drive up to NY was actually really easy until the last 2 hours or so. That's when my RLS kicked in and I had to try and distract myself. We only had to stop for pee breaks twice I think. I have gotten really used to the weather down here and was completely taken back by how cold it was on the drive up and while in NY. BURR!!

The next day was Thanksgiving which we spent at my husband's grandparents house with his family and my step mom and dad. The food was delicious as always, the company was great, and everything was awesome really. My husband hadn't seen his baby cousin yet and he was fascinated with her. It was adorable. He kept her occupied by making the slinky make noise. It was very cute. My feet were swollen for most of the night and I lost my ankles but they didn't hurt so I just drank a glass of water and pushed it aside.

Friday my mom, grandma and I went shopping. Not at 4 am or anything. We just had a couple stores to go to and only I needed to buy anything. I got my fantastic bras from Victoria's Secret for buy one get one 1/2 off! And I still spent just over $60 so I got my free tote with perfume and lotions in it! Which I must say was about an $80 value so I spent less than I got in free stuff! Pat on my back for sure. THEN I went to Macy's to get my husband new cologne and because I spent over $60 in there I got a free digital picture frame! I was seriously on a roll.

My favorite purchase of the day was at Jo-Ann's though. I bought wood letters and decorations to make Abigail's first nursery decorations. Picture above. It was super easy to make and I'm in love with how it turned out. The picture is kind of yucky but the wall is actually a really pretty yellow and all of the colors on this are bright and beautiful.

Saturday was my baby shower!! I had so much fun. It was honestly one of if not the best shower I have ever been too. No one stopped laughing, the food was fantastic, and the gifts were all amazing! I got so many things that we needed and wanted. To save time I'll share one of my favorite if not my favorite gift with you. My dad didn't go to the shower obviously because he's a boy, but his gift was incredible. He bought me my amazingly beautiful Vera Bradley diaper bag. I was really put off by the idea of carrying around one of those super baby looking bags with winney the pooh or dora the explorer all over it. I really wanted something that I would enjoy since the baby really doesn't care what the diaper bag looks like! So I found this bag and when I opened the box I almost cried. It's so beautiful and since it's from my dad I love it even more. Here is a pic!

We left on Sunday and the drive back went fast. Now we are home and already getting ready to go back in 3 weeks!! Can't wait! haha. 

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
You too Abigail<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. It sounds like you had a great few days and got all of the pampering that you deserve!

  2. That is a pretty diaper bag! I bought a name brand tote bag to use as a diaper bag. That way I can still use it afterwards for other things.

  3. I did get all the pampering I needed! It was so great. And Kara, I was so going to do that as well but I wasn't sure if the lack of easily washable lining would make me regret it or not lol.

  4. I love the name on the wall! I was thinking about doing that for my niece. Glad you had a great time!


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