Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flirting with an idea.

My dad called me the other day with an interesting idea. He brought to my attention that I love writing and am fairly good at it so why not actually DO something with it? Duh right?

He thinks I should take all of my excess energy and time and put it into writing a book. I have to admit that I have considered this idea before. Nothing seriously, I always just wondered if I could do it and what I would want to write about.

My dad talked about how he was thinking about what I said over a year ago when he asked me why I wanted to get married. He said that he was thinking about my answer to that question and how my life is unfolding and he thinks that it would be a great idea to put my story, dreams, and truths into writing. I think his idea is something alone the lines of how I pictured my life, how it's turning out, and where we are headed... something along those lines. With a husband deploying and a baby girl on the way it might not be a bad idea to have a focus and at the very least write everything down, as if I don't anyways.

After thinking about this for a bit I started thinking about a different idea for a book. I realize that for people in the military with children they are inevitably going to be asked where their daddy is or why he left them. What if their was a children's book out there that eased their minds and reminded them that they are loved and missed?

I actually already wrote a little something about this but incase I do chose to make it into a book, who knows, I am not sure about copy rights and posting it in my blog on the internet. So I will refrain. Actually I'm even a little worried about posting this just for the idea to be out there. Oh well, I want input from military families on whether you think this would be a good idea or a huge flop.

So ladies, gents, what do you think?


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