Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

Today really should be everyday of the year. We should always thank those who have served and are serving. We should always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom that we clench so tightly to. We should always be thankful that those men and women who were wounded at war get to be home with their families. We should look at those little old men with their service hats and jackets on and think about what they went through, how much harder it was for their families back then and how much they have sacrificed. They are proud for a reason and we should be proud of them. 

Lets all take today to thank as many service members and their families as we can to make up for the rest of the year when we didn't. 

I'll start, Thank you Papa Bear<3 You are such a hero in my eyes. I am so proud of everything you do and everything you have accomplished. Sacrifices are made but never regretted. You're an amazing person, an amazing husband, and will be an amazing father. I Love You<3

Another special thanks to my Uncle Gary, my cousin Laura, my aunt Jeannie and my Grandpa Pulis. Especially thank you to all of the girls I know personally who give up parts of their lives for their men who serve. Nicole, Anna, Angela, Rachel, LeAnna, and so many others. 

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  1. thank you to all the members of your family who have served. especially your papa bear :) :)


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