Thursday, November 4, 2010

I really hate North Carolina.

Let me make this clear. I am from NY. We are supposedly the "worst drivers ever." SCREW THAT!!

People in North Carolina have NO FRIGGIN IDEA how to drive. I shouldn't have to be terrified to get in my car to go somewhere. At this point I would rather walk but even the people walking on the side of the roads are morons.

Here is a little GET A CLUE list for the wonderful people on NC.

If it's raining outside, PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON!

If it's snowing outside, PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON!

If it's foggy out, PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON!
    ESPECIALLY if the fog is so thick you can't see 10 feet ahead of you AND you are a school shuttle!! Yea, almost got into an accident with a SPEC school van this morning because they aren't smart or safe enough to put their lights on.

If it's sprinkling outside you don't need to go 20 mph below the speed limit, especially if you are one of the morons who don't use your lights. This is just as likely to cause an accident as going the speed limit on a slick road. Same goes for a light snow dusting.

I wouldn't be complaining if it was one person who didn't have their lights on. I'm seriously terrified to drive because it seems as if every 3rd car doesn't use their lights in necessary situations. NO WONDER there are so many damn accidents down here. I've seen more accidents in my 11 months here than I have in my ENTIRE life in NY. I'm not kidding.

OH! And I forgot to mention the children in the morning waiting for the school bus. HELLO PARENTS OF NC, if it's 6:15 am and pitch black out still PLUS thick fog give your kids some reflective clothing or something and tell them to stay on the damn grass.
I have to dodge kids in the morning because they find it necessary to walk in the middle of the road when it's dark out and I can't see through fog. I blame their parents but the kids are just as incompetent for not using common sense. Seriously people, get a damn clue.

I am SO thankful that I will be living in NY after Abigail is born. I don't want to drive down here now let alone with my daughter in the car with me.

So thank you NC for making me terrified of driving. You are super awesome, seriously.


  1. I feel the same way. NC drivers are idiots!

  2. I AGREE! I'm from NY as well and also lived in MD 45 minutes outside of DC...I think NY and MD drivers are defensive drivers, but NC drivers are just plain stupid.

  3. Hahah. My parents were born and raised in Los Angeles. We moved to GA when I was 9 years old, but, of course, my Cali parents taught me how to drive. All they ever do is complain about Southern drivers. I am so thankful that I learned to drive from my parents, because so many of my friends are awful at it.

    The biggest compliment my dad ever gave me was this summer when he was riding in my car up here in NC, and he said "You drive like a California driver!" Well, thanks Dad. You taught me :)

    Anyways, continuing on with my novel of a comment, this morning I was driving back home from Jacksonville (about a 2.5 hour drive). Of course, many of the cars on I-40 didn't have on their lights. I took a shot in the dark and flashed my lights at the car in front of me. ::Hello, I'm not tailgating you, and I actually want to be able to see you through the downpour, so turn on your lights, or I will hit you:: HE ACTUALLY TURNED ON MY LIGHTS. I was very surprised that he actually got the hint. Hooray. It was somewhat satisfying.

  4. I'm your newest follower. I agree about people in the south not being able to drive. I'm from Jersey and I can really see the difference when I drive down your post by the way.


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