Friday, November 19, 2010

The Medal of Honor

I was in tears yet again this morning. I was watching the Today show and watching the interview with SSgt Guinta of the US Army, the recipient of The Medal of Honor. The first awarded since the Vietnam war.

He was awarded this for his incredibly brave actions. His men and himself were surrounded by enemy fire. One of the men got shot and the Taliban were taking him for a reward. SSgt Guinta first helped another wounded soldier and then chased the Taliban down, killed one and scared the other away and brought his friend back to the others. Unfortunately this wounded soldier died once he returned to the others.

All I can think about is how wonderful this man is. My worst fear is not that my husband will be killed at war, but that his body wont be returned and I will always have to worry about if he's really gone or what has happened to him. Although it is a tragedy that soldier died, I know if I was his family I would be so grateful for SSft Guinta for risking his own life to provide the piece of mind.

What makes this story even more amazing is that he is extremely humbling and modest. He never boast about it he said that what he did was simply what he was trained for and if he hadn't then any one of his men would have. He considers himself an average soldier.

Watching him speak was like watching John Basilone speak. You just know that this is someone special and that he was meant to do exactly what he is doing.

I am so proud of our military.

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  1. I get chills every time I watch him speak. He's so humble, and yet, such a great soldier. He truly deserves his Medal of Honor.


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