Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

From Afghanistan...

And New York...

Please pardon the fact that not only does my husband look 20 years older than he actually is but also like a super creeper with the hitler stache and bald head. He's normally a very attractive man I swear <3 ;-)

I would give you a picture of me on Easter but so far all the ones I have seen I look absolutely horrible. And I'm not just saying that. I almost posted one but then I looked at it a bit longer and realized I looked like a man in a dress. So not sharing that with the world. Hopefully my sister in law got at least one good one from today. I'll keep you posted on that...


  1. Happy Easter! And im sure you look great!

  2. I got a picture of my hubby last week... It must be a Marine thing. He had mentioned that he grew a mustache, but I thought (hoped) he was just kidding. He said, "What? You don't like my 'stash?" I told him my dad has had a mustache my entire life and there will never be a time I don't think of that! :)
    Hope you had a great Easter. This is our first holiday apart :(. Will make the ones we get to spend together that much more memorable!

  3. haha! So cute! I looked at the first picture and was like, that does not look like her husband from the pictures on the side :-) lol Hope you had a nice Easter!


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