Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding extension

I will not feel bad for enjoying the royal wedding. People are upset that this had been all over the news instead of tragedies going on in our country, especially military related. Well as a military wife I am admitting that I thoroughly enjoyed watching that wedding not because of the glitz and glamour or even because it was on the news. I had no plans to watch it but I was up anyways and I'm so thankful I was.

It was a fairy tale and pure romance at it's finest. It is a reminder of the difference in culture of other countries. Also it was a good example of how crazy and dangerous our country can be. They had thousands of people flooding the streets, knowing the police weren't armed, they were curteous and didn't start a riot and none was assassinated. Can you honestly see that happening in America?

History is beautiful. Being able to witness tradition at its finest was a blessing. Stop trying to diminish it because it wasn't american.
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  1. I will admit I was a little annoyed with all the hype around the wedding, but I like the perspective you gave. I didn't really think of it that way and I love how you pointed out the culture difference.

  2. I agree with Grace, I did not watch it and was a little annoyed with the whole thing.. but you made a good point & made me think a little. I enjoyed reading your post :)

  3. Thank you. I'm glad I could get my point out there :-)

  4. Agreed! And by the way, William is a veteran and he wore a military uniform to honor those fighting in Afghanistan. I think its wonderful!

  5. AGREED. I am about to write a post about the wedding and how much awe I was in to witness the British and how they handled themselves. It was truly amazing, and eye opening.


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