Friday, April 8, 2011

Shut down info.

I know that a lot of people are worrying about this so I figured I would pass the word from my FRO.

"As you already know, we are facing the possibility of a government shutdown. I am sure many of you have questions concerning this situation so I will tell you want I know and provide some resources to help you continue to take care of yourselves and your families as we move forward and through this event.
What I know:
• Marines and mission essential civilians will continue to work to ensure that forward deployed Marine Corps operations, and operations and training for forces preparing to deploy, continue.
Civilian Marines in positions critical to national security, public health and safety, medical care, power and maintenance, emergency and disaster assistance, and vital areas, to include our Family Readiness Officers, will not be furloughed. Civilian Marines who have been furloughed will not be allowed to do their former duties on an unpaid volunteer basis.
Under the current Continuing Resolution (CR), a government shutdown at midnight on April 8th would mean Marines will receive midmonth pay (on April 15th) for the 8 days of April already covered by the CR. An approval of a 1 week extension (through April 15th) of the current CR would mean Marines will receive their normal midmonth pay for the first 15 days of April.
Marines will continue to work and will continue to earn pay for the period of the shutdown but will not receive that pay until the Congress provides appropriations.
The following is a brief list of some of the resources we can tap into to assist those in need if a government shutdown occurs:
Navy‐Marine Corps Relief Society: Remains open, implementing general disaster relief policy which is to meet the immediate needs of its clients. This situation will be treated as we would a natural disaster, requiring rapid financial assistance without reviewing budgets or providing financial counseling. The Society will assist with rapid, short‐term, interest‐free loans to avoid privation of essential items such as food, gasoline and other necessities. Pre‐approved financial assistance ($300 for single Sailors and Marines; $600 for
Under the tenets of the Feed and Forage Act (41 USC 11) all active duty Navy and Marine Corps Families) will be delivered in the form of a check. To obtain assistance, the client need only show a military ID card and sign a repayment document. Disaster relief policy guidelines do not require a power of attorney. Quick Assist Loans will not be available during this time.
Marine Federal Credit Union (MFCU): Plans to cover the 15th payroll for all active duty military members with direct deposit to MFCU. Check with MFCU for additional information:
Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU): Plans to cover the 15th payroll for all active duty military members and DoD employees paid through DFAS with direct deposit to NFCU. Check with NFCU for additional information:
Note: If you are not banking with MFCU or NFCU, please check with your financial institution to gain insight on their Government Shutdown Contingency Plans.

In conclusion, I realize how stressful the doubt of impending financial insecurity is for our service members and their families. However, there is no doubt in my mind that you also have the resiliency to push forward, make it through to the end and persevere through this adversity. Remember: this is not permanent; our government is making every effort to ensure we are paid on time. And, if we are not paid, we will retroactively receive all pay due once the budget or a new CR is approved. I am also confident that we can each experience a lower level of duress by managing our expectations: plan for the worst while hoping for the best; support each other in those ways that you can support each other; and, most importantly, let us know when you need help because our leaders cannot assist if they do not know. I leave you grateful for your service and sacrifice and with a quote from one of our own spouses ‐her Marine is currently deployed‐ "We must choose to thrive while others survive!"
God Bless You and Semper Fidelis!"

This is from the commanding officer of CLR 27. I don't know for a fact but I have heard from others that USAA will not be paying in full on the 15th but will be helping with deferments. I would call them and ask yourselves if you bank through USAA. 

I hope this helps at least a little. 

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