Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ok. I know this is my 3rd post of the day but I can't help it. I can only talk to a baby for so long before I go crazy.

So I've recently started doing Zumba. Have you heard of it? If not then youtube it or go to
It's a workout where you dance. It's AMAZING. When everyone first started talking about it I was intrigued and then my mom started taking the class and said how much she loved it so I got even more curious. I joined a class and I am in love.

I have to hold myself back from buying all of the dvds and cds and anything possible. I've always had trouble going to the gym and working out because let's face it, it's boring. But with Zumba not only is it incredibly fun, but it's like having a personal trainer. You just follow your instructor so you always know what to do.

Seriously, it's SOOO MUCH FUN!!! I might have to get the dvds so I can do it everyday since my classes are only 2 days a week. I'll have to talk to the hubby.

But seriously, if you are wanting to lose the extra lbs but find working out boring, get your but in a zumba class.


  1. I LOVE zumba, its an awesome workout and its fun at the same time. I ready if you keep going the whole class you can burn at least 700 calories!

  2. Yea I really want to get one of those calorie burning monitor thingys that tell you how much you're burning.

  3. We got my mother in law the DVDs for Christmas. :) I know a lot of people who love Zumba! I haven't tried it yet, though! I checked our gym's class schedule and there is a Zumba class available! I'm definitely going to try it soon!!


  4. I knew you would love zumba! i bought it for my wii...i'm obsessed!

  5. I love zumba! I haven't done it the past two weeks cause my four month old decided to not sleep whether it was night or day lol!

    But I take the classes on base and I have it for the wii. It's awesome!

  6. Im glad you like it!! I LOVE Being a Zumba instructor, its the most fun while working out for sure!!


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