Friday, March 26, 2010


I apologize for not posting in quite a while. I have had company over for the past week and my schedule has been hectic. My post today is about something that happened yesterday that just took my breath away.

I had just finished taking my dog to Onslow beach to have some fun. I say several helicopters flying around which immediately made me think of my husband who was on an HST later that night and would be standing under them. One of my favorite things about being on a marine base is how low the helicopters fly. It's like you can reach out and touch them. It's incredible to see. My walk on the beach was great. It was relaxing. Which I really needed.

On my way home I was doing my usual daydreaming while I drive, just taking in everything around me when I saw it. There was an eagle flying right beside me. I had to blink a couple times to make sure I was really seeing this. It was a breath taker. All the stress and worry about my husband leaving in a month just went away and I felt peace. It was like all it took was that eagle to remind me why I have to be strong. In that second I felt so incredibly proud to be married to one of our countries finest and bravest men. It made everything we go through as wives that much better. It was an "Oh right, that is why we do this. DUH!" moment.

I have chosen, and will always chose, to have one day a year with the man I love than every day with someone else. He is worth every goodbye and ever tear because when I see him again it's like they never happened.

Semper Fi<3


  1. Oh that last paragraph brought tears to my eyes! It sums it up perfectly!

  2. It brought tears to my eyes too! Seeing a eagle is always such a peaceful experience, I'm glad that's the way you felt too

  3. Aw I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring tears. Sometimes I get very emotional when I write especially about my husband. I just want everyone to feel how I feel when I write.

  4. These are great words of wisdom! It's funny how after 6 or 7 months of worrying and praying, it all fades away so fast when you say that first hello and get that first hug again. Great post!


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