Friday, March 12, 2010


I have a new appreciation for the phrase TGIF ever since my husband and I moved to North Carolina. The Marine Corps gets him Monday-Friday from 5 am until 5 am at the earliest but usually later. If he is on a night HST he doesn't get home until near midnight. The nights he is home I love but what I live for are the weekends. Granted, they can take him if they put him on duty for a saturday or they are getting punished but usually the weekends he is all mine<3
If you are married to a man in the military you understand that wasting precious time with them is impossible. On the weekends he can get away with anything just because I don't want to argue over anything. Fighting is the biggest waste of time. I usually can just fight it out in my head and be over it lol. It sounds strange but it works.
Anyways, the point of this post is to express my love for "TGIF." Thank god I have someone so amazing to live for. He is my everything and I am so thankful that I have this time with him.

Semper Fi<3

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