Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Computer!!!

I broke down and bought the apple. I didn't really want to spend $1,000 on it but it is definitely worth it. I absolutely love it!
This is my first post on it. Sorry it's nothing special haha.

Semper Fi<3


  1. Macs are awesome! Mine cost a lot too, but it is completely worth it.

    I also advise investing in the Apple Care Plan, it's priceless when/if something goes wrong, like when my HD crashed four months ago (replaced totally free!)

  2. I was definitely going to suggest a MAC. I loooove mine. I'm glad you like it, even though it's super expensive.

  3. Im new here but i just wanted to say that i have yet to convert to Mac BUT after hearing 1,057,664,548 good things about them, then reading your post i think im on board now. Lol thanks for the swaay of decision!

  4. aw your welcome!! And I will follow your blog! I always return the favor :-)


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