Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's a little late for a resolution so maybe this is more of a promise to myself.
I have decided that I will go to the gym monday-friday for at least an hour a day. I really need to get back into shape. It is wonderful living in the south because there is more beach time. Which also means that I am constantly worried about what I look like. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by May and get overall muscle tone. I am determined to do this. I need my confidence back!

Semper Fi<3

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  1. I started strength training in February and I'm noticing a big difference. The program is called Chalean Extreme and it focused on three 30 day phases with strength and cardio. I love it! Also I do a lot of Turbo Jam which is like fun kickboxing and dancy stuff and really does great things for your core.

    You might want to join too. That is how I've lost almost 30 pounds. It is free! It has a facebook like page you set up, it tells you how much to eat and gives you places to track your food and activities. If you join, my handle is "teachrlady". Make sure you add me and we can help motivate each other :)


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