Friday, August 6, 2010

3 days.

Monday is our first OB appointment. I am a little nervous. I will feel so much better after I can talk to our Doctor but right now I am nervous. I had a spot of blood yesterday. It was just a drop and it was extremely light. It didn't even really look like blood. I called the doctor's office and they said that if it got worse or happened again I had to go to the ER so I was freaking out. Thankfully it hasn't happened again and I am praying it doesn't and that nothing is wrong.

I know cramping in the beginning of pregnancy is supposed to be normal but I think I have been having a lot of cramping. I need to calm my nerves. I just want everything to be ok.


  1. Thinking about you girl!
    Im sure everything will go well :)
    keep us posted!

  2. I hope everything turns out to be okay!!! Monday can't get here soon enough for them to calm your nerves

  3. Thank you ladies. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

  4. I'm sure everything will be fine...prayers are with you that Monday comes quickly and the doctors can calm your nerves!


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