Monday, August 16, 2010

Your questions, answered.

I love the questions you asked so here are my answers :-)

What inspired you to blog?
:My inspiration was to find a way to get through the 3 months my husband was at boot camp. I never imagined it would turn into such an amazing experience. Now it's turned into more of a blog about my life as a military wife. Although most of it doesn't even have to do with the military lol.

How did you meet your hubby?
:We met in high school. He was a senior when I was a freshman. I had the biggest crush on him but never said anything. We talked but nothing more than small talk at the lunch table. After he graduated he moved to North Carolina for Nascar tech school and we lost touch until my junior year. He messaged me on Myspace and we started talking again. I actually fell in love with him before we even saw each other again. We were planning on me moving to be with him and go to college. But he moved home a couple months later and we have been together ever since. Off and on a couple times but we always knew we were soul mates. Now ironically we are back in north carolina haha. 

Is he a "lifer" in the Marines?
:As of right now that is his plan. He was debating it for a while but recently decided he wanted to retire from the marine corps. Or possibly switching branches if necessary. 

How did you know your buss was "the one"?
:By buss I am assuming you mean husband? Lol. It's actually a strange story. I knew I was in love with him since I had been since high school but it wasn't until we were together for about a year I think until I realized he was my forever. We were riding in his truck and he reached over and took my hand. I swear my heart dropped out of my chest. Its not like he hadn't done that before but this time it was different. I looked over at him and I knew I was going to marry him. 

How many kiddies do you guys want?
: We want to have 3 kids. 2 boys and a girl. He wants a Jr first and foremost though. 

What is the hardest thing for you about being a military wife?
: This is actually a tough one. It's probably a toss up between having to say goodbye to him so often and coming to the realization that I am second to the military. You get used to it but there are little things every now and then that remind you and they get ya right in the heart. 

You're stuck on a dessert island that has one unending food source of any ONE food you want. What do you choose?
: Oh wow. This took some serious thinking but I think I would choose apples probably. It's one food I can never get sick of and they are delicious!

And the harder one... What is one thing you wish you could change?
:Easy. Nothing. I am a firm believer in learning from your mistakes. I can honestly say I don't regret anything. I have made some really stupid and horrible mistakes but I have learned something very important from every single one of them. I have even repeated mistakes but the second time around I finally learned what I needed to in order not to do it again. Spending your time wishing something didn't happen is a waste because you know you can never change it. You can only learn from it. Hopefully the first time around. 

Thanks for all of the questions ladies!! For those of you who have questions still but didn't get to ask them, leave them in a comment and I'll do another one :-)


  1. Ha ha I totally don't even know what I meant by buss. Ha ha :)

    Loved reading your answers.

  2. Hey girl, I'm your newest follower. Cute blog you have going here. :) I enjoyed reading this post. The interview format's always fun.

    Stay cheerful. lol


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