Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleep deprived

I cannot sleep anymore. Our bed is uncomfortable, my pillow is uncomfortable and my husband outweighs me so as soon as he gets into bed I am forced into that slant in the bed he creates. Help :-( 

Some nights I literally feel like I am rolling around all night without ever even being able to shut my eyes. Other nights, like last night, I feel like I slept but when it's time to get up I'm still completely exhausted. I'm not supposed to sleep on my back which is one of the only comfortable positions right now.

The worst part? I can zonk out for 2 hours during the middle of the day, on that same bed, with the same pillow. Why can't I do that at night? It can't be that I'm not tired enough because trust me I am. I know it has to do with being pregnant because I've never had this problem before. I know it's only going to get worse the bigger I get too. UGHHHHH. 

Oh, and to add onto all of that... I am supposed to drink a gallon of water a day. A GALLON! I drink like 2 glasses now and I pee every hour and wake up at least 3 times in the middle of the night to pee. If I drink a gallon of water I might just pee my pants all day long. 

Someone please remind me that there is a plus side to being pregnant? 


  1. holy crap, a gallon of water?

    as for sleeping, maybe not nap during the day, or shorter naps..and you can sleep at night :)

  2. Ugh I wish! I've thought about not napping too but when it comes down to it I really can't. My head hurts so bad and I just literally can't keep my eyes open. I am hoping one of these days I will just get so busy that a nap isn't feasible and I am forced to wait to sleep to see if that changes anything.

  3. You are not actually entering REM sleep, it's why you feel like you sleep but you really aren't in full sleep mode and you wake up exhausted, this happens to people that drink too much caffine (me). You should talk to your doctor about it and follow Nicole's advice, shorter to no naps during the day. Good luck!

  4. Plus side- beautiful baby in your arms when it's all over with! : )

    A gallon? seriously? why???

  5. Haha I wish I knew why a gallon was necessary. I guess just because water is really good for your body.

    I will try my hardest not to nap. It seems impossible some days but if it means I'll sleep at night then I'm gunna try my darndest.

  6. They say a gallon, but it's almost impossible to drink a gallon of water without feeling like youre going to puke. Trust your own instinct and don't listen to the books so much. And you can sleep on your back up until you're third trimester! Whatever you need to do to get comfortable. Napping during the day probably isnt the best idea because then you arent as tired at night. I hope you feel better soon!!


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