Sunday, August 15, 2010

I read a book! And I'm ranting a little.

So I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought two books. One of them was Confessions of  Military Wife. Everyone and their mom told me to read it so I did. I LOVED IT! It's so funny and endearing. I just finished it and it just truly touched me. I recommend everyone reads it if they haven't already.

The other book I bought was The Case for God by Karen Armstrong. The title is pretty self explanatory. I haven't read it yet but it's supposed to talk about how God has become unbelievable in today's world. I was drawn to this book as soon as I saw it and knew that I had to read it. It focuses mostly on Christianity but also talks about other religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. I am hoping it helps me on my religious conquest if you will.

Hopefully I will start that book today but I need a break from whipping through Confessions so quickly.

On another unrelated note, I judge people. It only gets worse when I am bored. In my defense I only judge people who really stick their neck out there for attention. I can't help myself. There are two girls in particular who really get under my skin. I will not reveal names and it is none of my bloggy friends I promise<3

The first girl I started talking to when my husband was in boot camp. Her husband was 2 months ahead of mine so she actually was a lot of help at that point. BUT, after her husband graduated everything changed. She became this know it all, self absorbed snob. You probably have all met someone like this. I was so used to going to her with my problems through boot camp that I would still ask her advice. I quickly changed my mind. I couldn't ask her for advice on anything because my problems were tossed aside and she always immediately did the "Well my husband did this..." bit. Where she just talked about her problems and how her life seemed more important than mine. ANNOYING!!

Anyways, I was horrified to find out we would be living at the same base. Luckily, or well unluckily for her, her husband was deployed soon after we got there and she moved home. There wasn't enough time for us to even meet. PHEW. She only talks to me now when she wants the gossip of my life or to complain about hers. I selfishly ignore her.

I haven't even gotten to my big problem with her yet. It's Facebook. You know how you can chose to hide someone so you don't have to see their constant updates? Well turns out it still doesn't hide their updated albums. I am constantly having to look at her "sexy posed" photos plastered all over Facebook. I'm talking a new mirror picture EVERY DAY. And they are getting worse the longer her husband is gone. Her newest ones are of her in a tiny shirt with the neck cut low so her bra and boobs are showing. This aggravates me SOOOOOO MUCH!! It's one thing if you are sending those to your husband overseas. It's another thing to have something like that all over the internet for anyone to see. It sets an awful image for herself and frankly for the Marine Wives who automatically get dragged into that stigma. I can't stand when women are this selfish to not think of how they are representing themselves, their husbands and the marine corps.

Ugh, it felt really good to get that out. Sorry for blabbing.

The second girl is a tough one. She's about to become "family." She is marrying my mom's boyfriend's son. Complicated? Yea. First of all, I severely dislike her fiance. I truly believe he is slime. I wont go into detail just to save time but there are family issues with his father and he tried to drag me into them when I have nothing to do with the situation at all. I am not one to be used and if you try and use me I will bite back. Promise.

Anyways, I don't talk to him anymore and don't ever plan on it. This girl though, she seems nice enough and is friends with me on Facebook. My problem with her is that she is one of those "I love my sailor" "My sailor is my whole world" "My sailor my sailor my sailor" people. I don't think I have ever heard her use his real name or referred to him as anything other than "Her sailor." Does that bug anyone else or is it just a pet peeve of mine? I am all for those cute stickers for your cars saying " I heart my marine" or "Marine's wife." You know it's your choice. But having been with my husband for 2 years before the military took over I think maybe it's just pouring the bleach into the wound for me.

What I mean by that is I was in love with my husband long before the Marine Corps took my number 1 position. For 2 years I was number 1. I didn't say "I love my Marine." I said "I Love You Papa Bear<3" Or I Love You Jonathan<3. I also never said "I love my nascar crew chief" and I know for a fact that someone married to a civilian wouldn't put that they love their accountant or banker or w/e.

It's partially because I love him for who he is and not what he does and partially because he isn't "my marine." He is the Government's Marine and my husband. You already know how I feel about keeping our home life separate from the military.

But take this one step further and you have officially blown my mind. I can get past the "I love my marine, sailor, soldier" thing. It's mostly just out of pride, I do understand that. But what I will never understand is when a girlfriend or wive says "I Love My Sgt." Or "I Love My Lcpl." THAT really bugs me. It's like, so when he gets promoted do you stop loving him or do you love him more?

Don't get me wrong. I am very proud of my husband. Every time he gets promoted I share that joy with him and I am excited for him to be able to take the next step and get that next promotion. But I would never state my love for him in a way that would leave it feeling as if I only loved him for his rank. There are too many women who take rankism way too far and it's just awful. We need to remember that we do not wear our husband's chevrons. We are not in the military. If you want the pride of that rank then join the military yourself.

I probably just ticked a lot of women off with that but hey, this is my blog and if I need to rant and rave about what annoys me then I will. It's opinion people.


  1. It really creeped me out to see I <3 Papa Bear and I heart Jonathan hahaha I love it though, more that we have in common besides just the Corps. People like that annoy me but I know I used to be one of them. Maybe not to that extent but my myspace was plastered with I <3 Marine type stuff, granted I didn't meet him til after he was a Marine. I guess we just gotta chalk it up to the fact that they're new to this whole thing and it's still exciting. And as far as your first friend, I've got so many friends like that who STILL only talk to me when they wanna complain. I'm like seriously?? You're complaining to ME about your husband?? Umm... Ok... Lol. Just remember you've got good friends who don't do crazy things. And your bloggy friends totally <3 you!!

  2. I absolutely love you. You always get me and it is completely awesome that we have so much in common. I can't believe your "friends" would actually do that! I would unleash a can of whoopass on them. Seriously.

  3. I totally agree with you, I like to say My Marine every now and then, but on the other hand I try not to take it too far, bc like you, those girls bother me. There's more to him than being in the military, he's not technically yours anyway. Mothers, brothers, sisters, say my marine too.

    I can't believe your friend is like that, to me thats not a friend, thats somebody that just gets you in a bad mood lol

  4. I think it's different when mothers refer to them as their marines. Mom's always take pride overboard so it's normal lol. And saying it ever now and then is totally fine. You still need to show your pride! I'm talking about the girls that never use their husbands names or even say husband. They just refer to him as a military possession.

  5. Seriously, I love your blogs. You're so upfront, but then again, it is just that: YOUR BLOG, and I'm glad you use it to your advantage.

    I absolutely completely 100% agree though; trust me, I'm a TAD TOO patriotic sometimes. My house is all red, white, and blue, there are stickers all over Joseph's car, and I have more than my fair share of Marine & Marine wife shirts. The thing is, my husband has a name, we have a life besides the Marine Corps, and we had a life the Marine Corps didn't interfere in for a year before it ever came along.

    So yes, totally, totally agree. :)

  6. Aw thank you! It was hard to put into words because as it's proven to be, it's easily misinterpreted. I am allll for patriotism and pride in your country and your man; As long as you realize the difference between loving your man and loving his job. You get it and most girls do it's just those select few that give me the shivers lol.

    Thanks for reading and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!

  7. I think you just explained wonderfully what it looks like to support your husband and what he does without making it seem like it is the reason you love him. I definitely think too many people care too much about what others do and don't love them for who they are.

    Also - if you are on a religious conquest - there is a really good book by Lee Strobel called the Case for Faith. The Case for God that you mentioned reminded me of the title. He takes a very fact driven approach to looking at faith, and then he has another book called the Case for Christ, that was a book where he actually set out to prove that Christianity was false and while writing the book became a Christian. Just thought you might find them interesting :)


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