Sunday, August 15, 2010

The plus side

There is always supposed to be a plus side to everything. So here is my list of good things resulting from my husband being gone for a couple weeks.

1- I sleep so much better! The past couple weeks I haven't been able to sleep at all. It's a mix between not being able to get comfortable, having ridiculous gas, my knees feeling like I have no fat in my legs when they touch, and my husband's sleeping habits. My husband's sleeping habits have never bothered me before. He snores occasionally, gets extremely close to me to the point where I am hanging off the bed, has conversations with himself, and on occasion elbows me in the face. And remarkably none of this bothered me until recently when I could not sleep. My lack of sleep made me irritable to the point where I had to get up out of bed and get cotton balls for my ears! But, now that I have the bed to myself I don't even wake up to pee in the middle of the night!! Yea! Although, I really can't wait until I get to fall asleep next to him again. I'd rather not sleep than not have him there when I wake up. BUT were focusing on the positives.

2- I don't have to adjust the shower head! My husband is over 6 feet tall whereas I am only 5'5''. This presents a problem with the shower. I keep the water running in the tub while he shoots it directly at the parallel wall so that he has room to stand under it without ducking too much. Not really a problem except he NEVER remembers to adjust it back to normal. That means I turn the shower on and water hits the wall and starts pouring onto the floor. UGHHH. Well, now that he isn't here I always step into a perfectly adjusted shower :-)

3- I get control over the tv. I actually don't mind most of the shows he watches but I am NASCAR free for 3 weeks!! :-) Granted, it is starting to crawl into my heart and find it's own tiny little space there. But I am not ready to admit that and I am going to enjoy these race free weekends.

That's really all I've got for now. Those get my spirit lifted a little though :-) Is your man gone? Try making a list of things you appreciate about alone time! I promise it helps :-)

I know I blog a ton lately. But hey, my husbands gone and I don't have tons of people to talk to. So this is my outlet.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
Missing you like crazy regardless of slightly appreciating this alone time. (as in very very slightly)
I Love You too Little Sykes<3 but quit giving me gas!

Semper Fi<3


  1. I love this idea! My boyfriend deploys next week!

    My Mom LOVES going to NASCAR races. It's not really my thing, but I always get us tickets when they are here. It's just something we can do together. I consider it a "miserable" kind of fun. haha But I guess sometimes its worth it in the end to be covered in dirt, beer, sweat, sunburned, and constantly touched on the shoulder by crazy, drunk guys. It truly makes my day to see a drunk literally tumble down the stands at the end of the race! lmao And every year, I see some idiot dressed as a giant penis in the campgrounds. I guess rednecks know how to have fun. hahaha

  2. Haha. You just made me actually want to go to a race. I told my husband he gets to drag me to one race and then we'll go from there. lol

  3. I always sleep better with out Jacob in the bed with me! It's kinda nice! haha

  4. It's been going on and off for me. One night, I can sleep fine with him and the next his snoring wakes me the hell up! I'm sure you miss him even though certain things are better!

  5. Aw I love this! It's always great to think of the positives. Hmmm.. my "positives" are... being able to study for school with no interruptions, time for blogging, and well thats all I can really think of haha.

    glad your able to catch up on some needed sleep :) Have a great Monday!

  6. hahaha I don't drink so i'm never jumping up and down acting stupid like the crowd. Last time, I was just sitting there minding my own business and one drunk tapped me on the arm and was like "are you doin' alright? you haven't been moving much" lmao!

    Sometimes you have to park and walk through people's campgrounds. Once, I saw a man who had a snake on an acutal leash. haha I doubt I will ever enjoy going as much as some people, but its def. entertaining! :P


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