Monday, August 16, 2010

Uterus Didelphys

I had my second appointment today to check in on the baby. It has been made official that I have Uterus Didelphys. What that means is that I have 2 Uteruses, 2 cervix and 2 vaginas. Lucky me right? Not.

Some women I guess go even further than that and also have an extra set of fallopian tubes and ovaries. So far they haven't discovered that with me. I think that means that I can only get pregnant in one uterus at a time whereas if I had the extra tubes and ovaries I could get pregnant in both uteruses. I THINK. I am still not positive that I can't still get pregnant in my other uterus which freaks me the hell out.

I asked my doctor and he said it was highly unlikely but everything I'm reading online says that women get pregnant in both uteruses all the time. My doctor said that what would have to happen for that to occur would be when I get pregnant the egg splits into both uteruses and I carry one twin in one and the other in the other. I know, it's confusing. I still don't know for sure. I am not good at forming questions when I am in a doctors office. For some reason my mind just goes blank and I just nod my head. I did pretty good today though.

So, the problem with this is that since there are 2 uteruses the one that is occupado wont have as much room to expand. That means our baby probably wont be able to grow as much as he could. That leads to a low birth rate for a best outcome. More than likely our baby will have a low birth weight but that doesn't mean he/she wont be healthy, just tiny. Also, most likely our baby will decide to come early or have to come early. And our last most likely is that I will have to have a C section due to the baby not being able to move out of the breach position.

My doctor seemed concerned but not overly nervous quite yet. I am on the high risk pregnancy list but it's so that this doctor can be the one who sees me every visit and so I can get more frequent appointments. This is awesome actually because most women get a different doctor almost every time they go for their appointments. I hated that idea so I am happy this doctor is more than happy to see me every time. He is a specialist in this kind of pregnancy so I really got SUPER lucky.

I have heard horror stories of women who went through Naval hospitals and had awful experiences. One of my friends who is a couple weeks further along than I am is one of them already. I am so thankful that I have already had great experiences, minus the complicated pregnancy. I have an extremely wonderful doctor who happens to specialize in this matter and requested that I see him every appointment. Everyone is so friendly and really makes me feel a lot better.

It was awful not having my husband there with me today though. It's rough to get that kind of news and not have your support system with you. I got in the car and called my mom to tell her the update and I had to fight back tears. I was choking up until we got off the phone and then I balled all the way home. Then my husband called me to find out about the appointment and I had to fight back the tears again. He knew I was upset about it all but I didn't need him to hear me cry. I hate when he worries about me instead of focusing on what he has to do. It makes me even more nervous.

Luckily I don't have another appointment for 4-5 weeks so my trip home is still on :-) Which reminds me. I bought a new GPS today! Soooo excited! I got a pretty Tom Tom. The best part is I have Juan Pablo Montoya as my guide!! For those of you who don't know him he is a Nascar driver. Which I know is ironic since I am not exactly fond of Nascar but when I am forced to watch it I love hearing him talk so hello PERFECT!! haha.

I am super excited for tomorrow!! I get to hang out with Nicole from Flip Flops and Combat boots, her friend Natalie (I believe) and Carmen from We See the Same Stars. We are going dress shopping for the ball!! yay!

Anyways. This has been super long. I'll leave you with that for now.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3 Miss you bunches<3

Semper Fi<3


  1. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers! I am glad you have a doctor who will be able to make sure everything is ok!!!

    And I LOVE my Tom Tom, I use the British voice guy so I have Tim the Tom Tom. I'd be lost without it... literally!

  2. Wow, girl I'm thinking about you and the baby! xx Have a good trip!

  3. Okay this might sounds super retarded... but I am wondering how your previous OB-GYNs never noticed that you had two vaginas at your yearly "well-woman exams..."

    Now, besides that. Praying for a safe pregnancy and a great trip home. =)

  4. It's not stupid. It'c actually a really good question. When I had my first Ob appointment ever I was like 15 or something. I went really early because I couldn't use tampons and I was annoyed lol. But anyways, they discovered it then but only that I had 2 vaginas and they didn't really go into details. I think becuase I was young and they didn't wan to scare me. Then every OB since has noticed it but never realized I had 2 cervix and uteruses. That was found out yesterday. I think it wasn't discovered because noone was looking for it. My first OB did say that it might be hard for me to get pregnant though.
    So it was there, but since no one really talked to me about it or told me what it meant I didn't think anything of it.

  5. I'm glad you found out for sure what's up and I'm glad this means you can actually have one doctor who will see you more frequently! I'm praying for you but not worried at all because I remember when Jonny was born and he was so sick for the first year of his life...but look at what he is now! If your baby is lighter, earlier, whatever...he will have good genes and will still grow up to be strong just like his mama and papa :)

  6. Oh man thats crazy....never heard of that! I will say my first baby was 3 lbs at birth. Tiny enough to fit in my husbands hand. She had a 6 week long nicu stay and is now 4 and a half and as beautiful and healthy as ever. :)

  7. OMgosh! I have never heard of that before! I had a high risk pregnancy at the Naval Hospital here and everything went fine. I saw Dr. Bennett...he was amazing! I, like you, was able to see him each and every visit, which was awesome! All will be okay, try not to stress about it. Just grow a healthy baby, which your already doing. Keep us posted on your appointments though!


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