Thursday, August 12, 2010

All you job hunters in Jville...

I went shopping today and noticed that Target was hiring. I know it's not glory work but for those of you who have been searching for a while and need that extra income it would be a great start :-)

I am thinking about applying myself but I don't know how this pregnancy is going to go and I'm not sure being on my feet all day is a good idea yet. Hopefully after my appointment on Monday I will know more.

BUT just an FYI for all of you ladies needing that extra mula :-)

OHHHH!! And I got a seat cover for my dog :-)

That's the website pic but you get the idea. It's PERFECT!! It keeps him from getting into the front seat AND covers the entire back seat comfortably. It's also great  because it's that nice material that hair dirt and mud just brushes off of :-) So yay!! Road trip here we come!! Plus I love things for dogs that have a picture of a golden retriever on the front :-) That way I know my dog will like it haha. 

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