Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's give this a shot.

Why is selecting the perfect name for your baby so gosh darn difficult? Of course if it's a boy it's easy. He will be a jr. But it's not that easy if it's a girl. No matter what her first name is her middle name is going to be Yvonne after my grandmother. Right now we are liking Abigail Yvonne Sykes.

What I want to try is to have all of my followers comment with your favorite girls names to see if you can come up with something I haven't heard yet. I want her name to be at least a little unique. As in her name will never be Brittany (or any variation of the name), Sara, Katie, and you get the idea. The name I had picked out since middle school was Isabella. You know you all had your unborn, unmade children's names picked out too lol. I can't use it anymore because every other girl popped out this year has been named Isabelle or Isabella. (THANK YOU VERY MUCH TWILIGHT!!!!). Two girls from my hometown just had baby girls and both are named Isabella. Blegh.

So anyways, let me hear them ladies!! Oh and we are totally open to unisex names or names that are normally for boys but are now going girly (like Ryan). I was actually trying to convince my husband that Charlotte was the perfect name so we can call her Charlie for short (Yes, got that one from Monster In Law). Which reminds me, the name HAS to be able to be made into a shorter nickname too.

Ok, so now have at it!!

I'm excited to see what you creative ladies come up with :-)


  1. Oh my god, I totally know what you mean by sitting at home doing nothing. I've been doing that for the past three days now and I'm already sick of it. I'm trying to apply for jobs around here so that I don't go insane.

    In terms of a name for the baby, I have a really difficult time with girls names too. I tend to like boys names a lot more and I have an easier time picking them out. I really like the name Madison (aka Maddie for short), Gabriella (Gaby), and I really do like your idea for Charlotte. =)

  2. We both love Madison too but my husband has a baby cousin whos name is Madison so that's a no go. My mom has a cat named Gaby so that's a no go too lol. I swear it's going to be impossible haha.

    It took me forever to find a job around here but there are definitely good ones! You just have to look really hard. Good luck! :-)

  3. I agree with you. I dislike such common names. I also contemplated long and hard on my kids names. A girls name that we say we would name our 3rd child(if we have one and its a girl) is Kinsley. You could spell it a few differnt ways. We also talked about Carly and Blakely. Good luck with the name search. When you find the perfect one, you will know it. At least I did both times.

  4. Andrea = Andy
    Alexandra or Alexis = Alex

    Randy, Jordan, Taylor & Quinn are unisex.

    I love really unique names, such as:

    Arianna (Ari for short)
    Raeanne (Rae for short)

  5. Loraine - (Rae for short)
    I know a little girl named Stevie and always loved that as well.

    I really like the idea of Charlotte as well :)

  6. OUr daughter's name is Meredith and I just love it! Kinda traditional but not too popular. We are also planning on naming a second daughter, if we have one, Charlotte! I love that name

  7. We have our picked out too but they are top secret especially since its going to be a long time before we are able to adopt. I love Abigail. That's one of my nieces names. Its so pretty.

  8. You already know that I like Caelyn and Bristol (for the race track) :) Whatever name you decide on will be perfect, boy or girl! I've also heard that a lot of times, a mother goes into labor and changes her mind right on the spot. Like she sees the baby and just knows which name will fit. So don't worry about it too much, the name will come to you at the right time :)


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