Saturday, August 7, 2010

What do you believe in?

Ok so religion is always a controversial subject but I don't want this to turn into a war over who's god is the god. I am just curious.

Here is what I want to know...

What is your religion? 
What are the main points of your religion? 
Do you believe in your religion whole heartedly or do you find yourself questioning things?
Why is this your religion? (Family, choice, any other reason)

I can't help but be extremely curious with all of the different religions out there. So let me know.

I forgot to mention those who don't believe in any religion. Tell me why you chose that as well. 


  1. Bre! I'm a religion minor!! We should totally have a discussion about this topic soon :D

    -I'm raised United Methodist, i.e. Christian, protestant.

    It was a family thing, but I've grown in my religion and accepted it on my own, its definatly tough holding yourself up to higher standards.

    Most Christian religions believe these standard truths.
    - The Trinity - i.e. God as the father, son and Holy spirit.
    - Monotheistic religion. i.e. one god.
    - christians, believe Jesus delievered the earth from sin.

    I've studied a number of other religions. My favorite, to talk about is Buddhism. it's alot of interesting theology.

    :D Good luck on your trip home! i know you'll have fun.

  2. careful, you might be treading in some hot water with this one...

  3. I just asked. No one can get upset with me being curious. I didn't say anything to hurt anyones feelings.


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