Monday, August 16, 2010

My post, your post.

I was thinking how I've got a good amount of people who follow and actually read this thing. I know when I read someone's blog I always have questions about them or for them but I never actually ask them. So here is your chance!

If you've wanted to ask me anything go ahead. I'm talking anything about my life as a military wife, what my favorite color is, to how many kids I want to have. ANYTHING. I'm opening up to the idea that yea I write this blog for me but you read it for you. Sometimes I actually post controversial things on here or give advice to people. I want people to know a little about me and maybe they'd understand my personality a little more. I don't know. This just seems like a good idea! haha.

So have at it :-) I'll make another post answering all of the questions posted, if any.


  1. I figured I would be the first one!

    1) What inspired you to blog?
    2) How did you meet your hubby?
    3) Is he a "lifer" in the Marines?

    I'll see you on Tuesday! =)

  2. Yay!

    How did you know your buss was "the one"?

    How many kiddies do you guys want?

    What is the hardest thing for you about being a military wife?

  3. Ooo I love the question about whether or not your husband is planning on making a career of the Marines. With Mister planning on getting out once his contract is up, its been a big thing on my mind. Excited to see your answer :)

  4. I'll give you a fun one and one to think about:

    You're stuck on a dessert island that has one uneding food source of any ONE food you want. What do you choose?

    And the harder one... What is one thing you wish you could change?


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