Monday, September 13, 2010

The ball

So apparently we are definitely going to the ball although hubby still doesn't know the date. All I can get out of him is "Well last year it was the weekend of November 10 so it probably is this year too." So whatever. We will just go with that since he is soooooo sure of himself lol.

He tried on his blues jacket today to make sure it fit for his inspection and well lets say I'm not the only one who can't afford to gain weight. I retried on my dress again today to try and get  a better picture for you ladies and I literally cannot gain a pound or I don't think this dress will fit. (In my boob area anyways). I guess all I can do is pray that either I fit in this dress come ball time OR I find another perfectly priced great dress on lejeune yardsales that's a size bigger. EEK!

Here are a couple pathetic pictures of me actually in the dress though.

Sorry about the crappy quality once again but since I can barely breath in this dress we're glad I got any at all. 

I may still be on the lookout for a dress... BLAHHH. 


  1. If necessary, couldn't you take it to get altered? They can probably let it out a little so it'll fit and it won't cost you too much.

  2. I didn't even consider that. That's a great idea!! I have to go there tomorrow anyway to get my husband's jacket cleaned so I will ask. Thank you! :-)

  3. It is so pretty! And if it is uncomfortable I agree, get it altered a bit! It is usually pretty cheap to do. You don't want to be holding your breath all night.


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