Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So about the ball...

We aren't going now. For a couple reasons actually. There was only 100 tickets to be sold for the entire company. That means it was sold out before my husband ever found out about it. Awesome number 1. Awesome number 2 is that the tickets are $50 a person. REALLY? They know what kind of money we make, they know that is a little ridiculous. The worst part is they are less expensive for officers. That one makes sense lol.

So it being expensive doesn't matter since it's sold out anyways. I actually decided I wasn't too upset about it because the more I look at my dress the more I realize how fat I'm going to be. Also, I'm already in pain every day all day so what made me think I would want to be all dolled up in uncomfortable shoes on my feet for an entire night? NO IDEA! haha. That's why it was an easy decision when my husband told me that they are going to have a platoon ball so that everyone who didn't get tickets for the other one can still have a ball. Although the tickets are half the price the previous reasoning had me pretty much begging my husband not to make me go. That was easy since he's not much of a dress up and dance kind of guy anyways.

So long story short, no ball for us. I am COMPLETELY ok with it though. It really didn't register to me that I was pregnant and going to look nothing like I did in high school at prom until I went to the dress giveaway. I tried on so many dresses and everything made me look huge. When I tried on dresses before I didn't really have a huge belly. Now I'm definitely showing and the dresses are making sure I know it.

I had this image of me looking so glamorous and beautiful next to my husband and then I realized I'm not having one of those kind of pregnancies! There are two types of pregnancies ladies; the glow and the "get this baby out of me already." I am not having the glow type. That would be the ones you see on tv and of course nothing can happen that wonderfully. Instead I am 17 weeks pregnant and already so uncomfortable all the time that I am finding myself wishing this baby was out of me already.

Anyways, that means I would not only be uncomfortable through the entire ball, but it would be a miracle if I looked anywhere near glamorous that night.

So the next step is giving away my dresses that I have. I have posted 2 on lejeune yardsales already. I have 2 more that are from my proms but not only do not fit me anymore and probably never will again, but one is more of a high school homecoming dress. I haven't decided if I should post those too or not.

Any girls in the Lejeune area that needs a dress for the ball? Let me know and I will see if I can help you out!


  1. Yeah, my hubby and I aren't going either this year. We can't stand who he works with so I don't think it would be very fun. We are going to do a date nigh instead. I'm having a giveaway so be sure to check it out! : )


  2. A date night sounds like a great idea!

  3. Good idea...being uncomfortable sucks. Being uncomfortable with your hair done, high heels, a ball gown and trying to suck in all night sucks even more. I was pregnant at 2 of our balls...I sat and chit chatted with my girl friends the entire night. Would this have been your first ball? If so.... I know how exciting it sounds. But honestly...it's A LOT of talking from guest speakers, CO's...things like that. It's not all drinking and dancing. But anyhoo, you will have others to attend. Get a bucket of hooters wings and a mocktail and call it a night :)


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