Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Potential job

I was contacted yesterday by a woman who needs someone to watch her child before and after school. Her son has Asperger syndrome which is like a high functioning version of Autism. My brother has Asperger syndrome so I grew up with it and I am very comfortable around people who have it.

I have a meeting tonight with the family and I really hope they like me and want me to care for their son. I am really excited about being able to help out a family going through the same thing my family did. The only difference is that my brother didn't get diagnosed until late in life. Now people are more aware and diagnosing this early gives the children a better chance at a normal life.

This job is perfect. They will only need me for a couple hours a day and I will have the entire school day off unless there is a holiday or early dismissal. That means I can schedule my doctors appointments around work without having to take time off. Plus I will get to rest if I need to during the afternoons.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that I get the job!!


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