Thursday, September 30, 2010

My wake up call

I woke up this morning to rain being hurled against my window by the wind. It honestly looks like a tsunami outside. My first thought was roll over and go to sleep. So I did that. Then it woke me up again so I got out of bed. As soon as I walked to the back door my jaw dropped. I couldn't even see through the glass door because the rain was constantly being thrown against it.

My next thought was "OMG I have to go out in this today!" Yep. I have a dentist appointment to get my last 2 teeth filled. I considered canceling but I really just want them done already. If I wait any longer I'm scared they wont stop being sensitive by Thanksgiving and I'll have to pick and chose what I eat and well that's not happening. So I kept my appointment.

My next thought, which probably should have been my first, was to check on the water stain above our bed. My husband noticed last night that there was a dripping noise and then we looked up and saw a nice sized water stain. So he got up into the attic and put a bucket over it to catch the water. Well we could still hear the dripping so he went back up and put a towel in the bucket. Much better.

Thankfully it didn't grow or collapse on us over night. Still a nuisance. That just shows how much rain we have had this week. It's ridiculous.

I let my dog out to go to the bathroom and he found all of the puddles. The whole strip next to our back fence is flooded. He does laps in it. He runs through it turns around and runs back. Repeatedly. It's kind of funny but annoying too.

Anyways, my day is going to be awful. Between teeth drilling and torrential down pours. Yuck.

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