Sunday, September 19, 2010

My personal task

For a while now I have wanted to learn how to sew. I can do the little things like fix my hubby's clothes and replace buttons but I want to go further with it. I want to be able to work a sewing machine and be able to make really awesome creations.

I usually pick things up pretty quickly so I'm hoping if I just mess around with it for a little while I will eventually get the hang of it. It would be awesome to be able to make clothes or quilts or really anything!

I'm excited :-)


  1. Awesome! I started sewing back in high school. I started with decorative pillows (easy since they are just square). I picked it up so fast! It's SOO easy once you get the hang of it. Now I make my own curtains and stuff. I would make my girls' dresses if I had more time for it. I'm happy you are getting started! Good for you :) Maybe you can make your new bundle a blankie!

  2. I bought a used sewing machine earlier this year. I haven't made a ton of stuff, but I have tons of ideas for when we get to our new duty station. I can't wait!


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