Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Today was wonderful. Abigail and I went to my tiny little town's parade. I held my tears in quite well while I watched the veterans go by. I did let some slip but no one noticed so they don't count. Abigail looked so darn cute that people in the parade were taking pictures of her. Yea, I have an adorable child.

After this parade we went to an even tinier town's parade, my husband's town about 5 miles away if that. It was over before we blinked twice but it was great. My mother in law puts together the parade and ceremony every year and she does such a wonderful job. We had little flags for each branch of service placed in the ground by our big flag. This is where the tears would have been flowing if I didn't have super duper strength. Then once everyone started their speeches I also had to muster up all of my strength, aka not pay one bit of attention to what anyone was saying. I know it's awful but I'm just not strong enough right now. I didn't want to be the lady in the corner crying her eyes out ya know?

We had another picnic at my husband's grandparent's house. Here are some pictures of our Memoral Day weekend.

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