Saturday, May 7, 2011

This and that

First of all I am exhausted. I have been fighting a nap all day. When baby girl fell asleep at 5 I figured I'd nap with her too. Well I just woke up and it's now 10pm. She's still sleeping but I'm considering waking her up so that she will actually sleep until a normal morning hour tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's my very first Mother's Day. I'm excited. It's just a mild excitement. A couple weeks ago I was really excited for it until I started talking to Mr. Sykes about it. I asked him if he was excited for father's day since it was his first one and he said no. He doesn't get to see her so it's just another day for him. Which is true and made me feel awful.

Anyways, I'm happy that I get to celebrate this wonderful new holiday but I'm sad because it's another holiday I have to get through without my husband this year. It wont be as hard as christmas or anything, but it's just that little ting you feel when you realize that everything would be perfect if he were here.

Onto more positive thinking... I think I have figured out my education path for now. I am going to continue as planned with finishing my bachelors degree. I need to have that degree just to feel accomplished and because I'm going to be the breadwinner for a couple years.

Once Mr. Sykes is out and we move to Charlotte, as of right now that's where we are headed, he will be starting classes. They have a program there for diagnostic medical sonography but I wont be able to take it until he is done with college so that he can work and I can return to studying.

It's going to really suck to have to wait that long but his primary education comes before my secondary. That is something he needs to get done and something I really want for him so it's priority.

I would love to have gotten my bachelors while simultaneously getting my associates in DMS but unfortunately I can't do any of the programs up here (booked solid until 2012), or online (extremely competitive and past primary acceptance dates as well as having to take some other prerequisites). The only option I would have would be to move back to NC a lot sooner than expected and start the program either in Wilmington or Charlotte. I would be completely ok with that except that we agreed on this temporary move to NY for Abigail to be around family, for the help and my sanity, as well as to get a good jump on our savings and pay off our debt. Saving so much in rent and utilities really makes it hard to say I want to move back so soon.

The other downer is that I will be getting more student loans added on with this bachelors. Not much but still some. MYCAA would pay for my associates in DMS but since I'm now going to start it after he is out I don't have that option.

Isn't it strange how MYCAA only pays for your education as long as it's a certificate, licensure, or associates degree? Nothing higher than an associates. This change happened in October which really stinks because I just missed it. I'm happy that it helps with people who don't even have their associates yet but I'm disappointed that they don't reach out and try to help us who are trying to continue our education. Especially since they know that our military men don't make a fortune and a lot of military spouses need to work as well.

Oh well. We will figure it all out. As for right now, looks like my classes start up the 25th. I should be done by February. Fingers crossed for this to go smoothly so I can accomplish this before my Mr. get's home.


  1. Happy First Mothers Day! I hope you have a wonderful day :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day! :)

    At least you're motivated for getting your degrees instead of just throwing up your hands and saying,"I'm done", because things aren't going your way. I've felt like doing that many, many times. Again, happy first mother's day! And I hope it's a great one!


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