Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Post baby body

I have a huge issue with people telling me that I look good for just having a baby.

Umm really? Why would anyone say that? Oh yea, because I just gained weight and am apparently allowed some extra time to lose it all again. Hell no.

I don't want to look pretty damn good for just having a baby. That wasn't hard. I want to look amazing because I worked by butt off and have less body fat than Heidi Klum. Not physically possible but if you don't aim for impossible then you settle for something anyone can accomplish.

I get that most people gain gigantic amounts of weight while pregnant. I'm not going to throw my input out there on that one I'm just going to say that I only gained 30 lbs, 95% of which was belly. It's not hard to lose your baby weight when it's all in your belly. 

Sure I wasn't tone or anything but I dropped 30 lbs in like 2 weeks. I work out (almost) every day and have worked really hard to feel sexy and beautiful again. So when someone tells me that I look good for just having a baby I'm going to get defensive. How about I look damn good just because I happen to look damn good? 

Thank you!

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