Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Warning: x rated.

Dad, I'm warning you now that you probably don't want to know what I'm about to discuss. You had a fair warning ;-)

Let me just say that it is really hard to be sexy with an infant sleeping 5 feet away. My husband really enjoys the occasional picture of me. By occasional I mean a picture a second wouldn't be enough, and by picture... let's just say clothes are minimal.

I haven't sent him any since he's been gone, over 2 months now, and he didn't get much for the entire pregnancy and he left when I was still a disgusting whale. So I am really excited to not only feel sexy again but show him how great I look.

Unfortunately it's not as easy as it once was. I first had to wait until I could get Abigail to sleep. Then I realized I needed the lights on so I had to cross my fingers that I wouldn't wake her up. Well that failed. I got maybe 2 pics and she started crying. Normally I would take this as a sign that God doesn't approve but it's says in the bible that women are supposed to make our husband's happy and that's what I was trying to do!

So I have now put her back to sleep but at this point a sleeping baby trumps my husband getting any more sexy pics. Sorry baby, maybe next time.

It has really sunk in how old I feel. Sure I still feel beautiful and sexy but I don't even get to use my womanly powers! I want my husband to come home even if it's just for a night so I can feel him undressing me with his eyes. (Don't act like you don't love when your man does that). Oh, and for a babysitter for that night. I love my daughter but mama bear needs her papa bear without interruptions.

I guess this is the point in the deployment where lack of sex starts to get to you. Lucky me.

Sexually deprived for your freedom! But it's not like I'd be getting any anyways. Infants are one hell of a mood killer.

I would like you all to know this is about as personal as I'll probably ever get when it comes to things that happen in our bedroom. Normally I have a very closed door policy but deployments mess with your mind and I am a blogger so the mix has been made and the drinks a double shot of tequila.


  1. Why dont you use the time your mom is watching the baby when you get in the shower? Didnt you say she helps you out with that? Just an idea lol. And I def know what you mean about the lack of sex, almost 8 months of deployment about killed me, I was so thankful I wasnt on my period when he got back haha. :)

  2. "but it's says in the bible that women are supposed to make our husband's happy and that's what I was trying to do!"

    I laughed so hard when I read this. Amen sister!


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