Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I hate money suckers

This is going to be a huge I hate post.

I hate tricare and I hate student loan companies. Here is why.

I just got a bill in the mail from my dr's office with a balance of $320.10. What is this from? My last doctor's appointment. WHAT THE HELL?? Since when do we have to pay that much for a damn doctor's appointment that is in fact MANDATORY 6 weeks after my surgery. I'm about to swear, but this pisses me off. I don't have time right now but I am about to call everyone involved and (swearing again) bitch.

Second, student loan companies. I am still unclear on what is going on with this all but apparently I owe this company like $600 something and I'm over due. First of all, I have never once heard of this company before. They have my father's, and grandmother's information and were calling them in order to get my contact information. They say that they have sent me information or bills but I haven't received anything. They say it's because my phone number and address has changed. Is that really my problem when I have no idea who the hell they are? They are sending me all of my back mail now and let me tell you I am going to bitch to all of these people as well once that arrives.

I hate money sucking corporate ass holes. I don't ever swear, or very rarely, on my blog so obviously I am extremely pissed about this.

This is why people don't go to college because it's too expensive to pay out of pocket and everyone gets screwed with student loans. I hate you all.

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