Friday, May 20, 2011

If you need a smile

If you need a smile, chuckle, or laugh so hard you question whether you just peed your pants or not then keep reading.

"Shortly after my twins arrived home from the hospital I had to pay a guy a thousand bucks to go through my house and make sure I couldn't open any of my drawers or use any of my outlets. It's insane. Three years in and I still attempt to fling open my bathroom drawer only to have it get grabbed by a nylon hook. I essentially gave somebody a thousand dollars to fuck with me. It'd be like if you paid a guy to fart in your car every morning before you went to work."

-Adam Corolla, In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks

I haven't stopped laughing since I opened this book up. Mr. Sykes was reading this forever ago when we went to the store but we didn't buy it. I got to thinking about it today and bought the kindle version for my phone. Best $10 I've ever spent. 

Not for the kind of person who blushes at a swear word. You'll look like a 4 year old paired with her mother's blush the entire way through.

Lot's of swearing, name calling, and cold hard truth. I'm not even through the first chapter yet and I'm pretty sure I've peed 4 times, definitely laughed so hard I snorted twice, and made my mom stop what she was doing and read aloud 5 paragraphs so I could share it with someone. 

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