Monday, May 2, 2011

Im right you're wrong.

Osamas death has become a debate of the ages. People are happy he's dead, people are mad that people are happy, and some people aren't even sure he's really dead. Here is what I think of it all.

Having a party because someone has died is disgusting. Being thankful that such an evil person is gone is expected. If we rejoice over his death we are no better than they are for doing the same when our military fall.

As far as not believing osama is actually dead and this is all a political scheme... I'm going to give obama the benefit of the doubt on this. I don't think anyone would be so disgusting but if it comes out that he did lie then only god can help him.

Above all else we need to think of our military first. This very well could put them in a lot more danger.
Whether you're happy, thankful, or indifferent about osama's "death" please keep your thoughts and prayers with our loved ones fighting for our right to have any thoughts or feelings we wish.

EDIT: I would just like to add that Obama did not kill Osama. A soldier did. A soldier that Obama considered not paying just a few weeks ago. Just saying.

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  1. Well said.... WEll Said

    continually praying for our troops.
    Semper Fi, Amber joy


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