Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Update

I haven't baby updated in quite a while it seems.

Well, I am now 33 weeks and like 3 days along. I had my weekly appointment this morning.
Good news is that Abigail is growing right on schedule. Bad news is my body isn't giving her enough room to grow anymore. Worse news, I almost passed out in the chair, again.

Last week I was feeling normal, for a pregnant lady. This whole week I have been having lots of contractions and cramping. They started the day after my doctor's appointment last week and have been non stop since. Thankfully they aren't really painful, just super uncomfortable. The cramping is a little painful but nothing that makes me stop what I'm doing and fall to the ground or anything.

So now I have to drink tons of water, as if I wasn't already, and lay on my left side for an hour every couple hours. This should stop the contractions. I tried it last night but I fell asleep. I don't know if I have contractions in my sleep or not. Since they aren't painful I might sleep right through them.

But anyways, with my condition preterm labor is a huge risk. My doctor hasn't been worried about it too much up until now. She says I need to take it easy and keep tract of warning signs.

There has to be a reason that pregnancy is this torturous. Maybe women are naturally evil and this is our punishment?

That actually makes you think... if that's true then the women who can't get pregnant should consider themselves goddesses or something.

Anyways, off topic. I also had a revelation today while in the doctors office waiting for my doctor. They have a poster of all the different birth controls out there. Now I've wanted to get Mirena after the baby is born so that I don't have to take a pill every day. BUT then I was thinking about how I have 2 cervix and that Mirena is inserted into the cervix, so either I would have to have 2 Mirena OR I wouldn't be able to use it. Bummer right?

I hate the pill because it's awful to have to remember to take that every day at the same time. Plus they always make me sick. I don't want the shot because everyone I've known who has gotten the shot has ballooned up at least 25 lbs. I also don't want the nuva ring because that just creeps me out. I know there is a little plastic stick like thing that they can insert into your arm or something. I don't know how I feel about that one yet. Kind of creeped out but I would probably take it over the pill.

Anywho... there is my update and severe rant for the day.

And since I haven't shared any belly pics with you guys I'll put the whole lot of them up now.

12 weeks
19 weeks
21 weeks

 24 weeks

 31 weeks

I will take my next picture probably at 35 weeks. I'll keep you posted :-)


  1. You look great :) and so does your tattoo, I have one in the exact same place and it's good to see yours hold up so well because it's making me nervous that mine would be ruined by August.
    I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you and Abigail can hang in there a little longer :)

  2. About Mirena, I would say they can't give you 2 of them because that would be a double dose of hormones. However, ParaGard is an IUD but it's non-hormonal. It just kind of fakes your uterus (or uteri) into thinking it's already occupied. :) So you might could look into that option!

  3. Gotta love those nurses!! Thank you Nicole! I will definitely look into that.
    And thank you Kaylee! I love a good ego boost :-) haha.

  4. You look wonderful!! I am sorry you are in pain! That is how I felt with Miss A. She was transverse for MONTHS! (I have a short torso.) Good luck! You are almost there. :)


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