Saturday, January 29, 2011


I had a post up a while ago about entering to win a free pair of Petrol Jeans from their give away on Facebook. First of all, Thank You to all who sent my name in :-) I really appreciate it. We should know next week who the winners are.

Secondly, why do people feel that they are owed things? Let me give you a little info on this give away. It started off by the company saying that anyone who received 20 or more nominations would win a free pair of jeans. I am unsure if it was stated in the beginning that they had to post the names under the Win A Pair! tab or not but that was part of the rules. They then changed the rules to only the first 1,000 people with 20 or more nominations would win a free pair.

People are actually getting angry with this company for this now. First of all, the company had a link right on the contest page with all of the rules listed. They had it listed that the company has the right to change the give away whenever and however they so choose. They also have all of the rules stated such as having to post the name under the Win A Pair tab and NOT on their wall.

So as far as I can see the only real issue SHOULD be that they are now only giving out 1,000 pair instead of an infinite amount. I mean can you blame them though? Yes, it was poor planning to not expect a lot of people to enter this contest, BUT they can't go out of business because of this either.

My problem is not with the company at all. I am still very thankful for even an opportunity to get something free, especially in this economy. What really bothers me are all of the comments people are leaving on this page because of the rule changes.

People are getting angry saying that they got their 20 nominations and they DESERVE the free pair of jeans. Or even worse, saying that they better win their pair of jeans. People are bad mouthing this company simply because they MIGHT not win a free pair of jeans.

It is really sad. It would be one thing if they had to pay to enter this contest and then later the rules were changed that not everyone would win. Then they at least have a little equity into it that they MIGHT lose. But to get angry about something that barely took any effort and will gives you a very good chance at winning something free is beyond me.

The worst part is that Petrol Jeans has made remarks back to all of these complaining people that if they have their 20 nominations, and they are posted in the right spot, that they will receive their jeans because they have no yet reached their 1,000 pairs yet. AND PEOPLE WERE STILL ARGUING ABOUT IT!!

I'm so disappointed in humanity sometimes. Please remember that none of us are owed anything. Everything we receive is a blessing and a gift.

For heavens sake, take your eyes off of Facebook and your mind off of a free pair of JEANS and avert your attention to what is happening in Egypt! People are dying. They actually have something to fight for and you're wasting your time acting like a child over jeans. Seriously, ashamed.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about in Egypt then I highly recommend doing a simple google search or turning on your television. It's devastating and is actually something that deserves attention.


  1. Oh, I couldn't agree more! On another note, I submitted your name under my account and my hubby's ;) I hope you get a pair!

  2. I read a lot of the comments. People get like this will all the giveaways on FB. The company always states there are so many and then they get pissed when they go fast. I would like a pair of jeans, but if I don't get any, that's fine. I'm not out anything but a teeny bit of time. Good luck though! I do hope you get a pair.

  3. People are lame. I don't even enter into those things because of the drama, and I stay far away from having giveaways on my page for the same reason. I hope some of them read your post. If not, life goes on. lol <3 Have a better rest of the day!


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