Saturday, January 22, 2011

The mail came!!

And look what I got!

I had a custom car seat cover made for Abigail. I know she will only be in it for a year TOPS but I couldn't resist. It says Abigail with two hearts around it and that gorgeous blingy pink flower. I love it!! 

Also, by total surprise, I got 2 cans of free similac baby formula. I plan on breast feeding but it actually feels pretty good having them just incase. Besides, they're free! How awesome is that? 

So today started out pretty lousy but now I'm all excited! :-)


  1. Ermmmm I am very jealous! So beautiful hun, Abigail is going to be the most stylish baby around : )

  2. I figured it's never too early to teach her style is important :-)

  3. That is adordable. Can i ask where you had that custom made?

  4. There is a lady on ebay who does them. Here is her store.


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