Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm getting antsy

I am 32 weeks pregnant this week. So I've hit my 8 month mark. Idk where this 9 months business came from but knowing it's 10 months long makes 8 months not quite as exciting lol.

I can't wait to meet our baby girl. Every time I see someone with their baby I get really anxious. I wonder who she will look more like, me or Mr. Sykes. Personally, I hope she has a lot of his features. I would love to wake up every day while he is gone to a baby who looks just like him. I know that will make things a lot easier on me. I obviously don't want her to look like a man though lol. I look just like my dad so I'm hoping we follow that trend.

I don't know what else to do to make the time go by faster. I want her to be in there as long as possible so she can be as healthy as possible. I just wish time would go by a little faster!!

Oh and did I mention, D Day got pushed back to mid March now? Let's pretend it'll stay that way for a second so I can say this...JON WILL BE HERE FOR HER BIRTH!!!!

Ok, back to reality.

I Love You Mr. Sykes<3
You too Abigail Yvonne<3

Semper Fi<3

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