Monday, January 24, 2011


Me: "What are you up to?"
Mr. Sykes: "No more texts. You got me in trouble."

Has anyone ever gotten this text? Is it just me or would that completely urk you too?

How is it that I got HIM in trouble when HE is the one who keeps HIS phone turned on and in HIS breast pocket when HE shouldn't be texting?

I"m not physic. I don't know when and when he can't text.

Sometimes I feel like he's trying to push my buttons. He should have said "No more text. I got in trouble." How simple would that have been?

I hate my buttons being pushed. Then again I don't know anyone who does. I don't know why men can't ever just get it.


  1. Aww, silly men. He probably didn't mean it. He was probably just frustrated that he got in trouble and he just didn't think about it when he wrote it.
    Sorry your guy pushed your buttons, though. It is annoying when they don't think about things first.

  2. But that makes it even more annoying.

  3. I wouldn't know, my husband's phone goes in a black box at the door of his shop. Once he goes in, there is no communicating until he comes out of his work building.

    I'm sure he just phrased it wrong. Sorry it frustrated you.

  4. I'm sure he didn't mean it but unfortunately when his wife is 34 weeks pregnant there is no "Whoops, I didn't mean it like that." There is only "Oh it's my fault? I suppose it's my fault I'm being kicked from the inside 24/7 too?"

    I wish I had more patience for him right now (because I know he takes a lot) but with the pain I'm in constantly all patience went out the window. Which, I do agree, sucks for him.

  5. If you werent pregnant...this probably wouldnt have bothered you as much. Blame your raging hormones and constant uncomfortableness! Hang in there. You are almost done!


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