Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So we got a D date today. Surprisingly I'm not freaking out, or crying hysterically either. I'm just kind of in preparation mode.

I was going through Abigail's clothes, reorganizing them once again, when he told me. All I'll say is that he will definitely miss the birth. So naturally I was a little bummed, but it's not like we haven't figured this would happen.

I just kept folding and thinking of all of the things he needs to get done before he leaves. We just went to Lowe's yesterday to get spackle and paint to fix all those little nail holes we put in the walls hanging pictures, or tearing down a desk all by myself and slightly damaging a wall. I don't really want to live in an empty house so I think I will just have him take down the pictures I can't reach. But I also have to learn to spackle so I might just have him take them all down and do it all so I don't have to worry about it.

We also need to clean out the spare room and office so that we can get those carpets cleaned and close them off so we don't have to worry about them.

We still have a couple things we need to sell since we don't want them anymore and would rather sell them instead of storing them.

Speaking of storing, that's another thing we need to do. Jon has to get all of his big stuff in the storage unit. I will be moving most of it in there but things like his super heavy tool box or things that we can get out of the house so that I have less to move would help.

Blah. So much to do to get ready for this deployment, the baby's birth, and then my wonderful move to NY. Life is super grand right now. lol.


  1. I'm sorry about the D-Date. It is a sucky feeling. I hope everything works out for you in the coming weeks. You're in my prayers.

  2. So sorry for you about Mr. Sykes missing the birth:( Thoughts are with you during this tough time for your family!


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