Friday, January 14, 2011

I don't understand

I don't understand tanning. And don't think "well you can't knock it till you try it" because I have. I tanned for the 3 proms I went to back in high school. I found it tedious, gross, and overall just unnecessary.

The only positive I got out of it was going during the winter. When it was below 0 out the heat in that tanning bed felt amazing. But not amazing enough to ruin the look of my skin for life.

BUT I'm not here to judge people who tan. It's your life and your skin and if it makes you feel beautiful then by all means have at it.

What urks me is a girl who recently blogged about being sick and tired of being pasty, WHILE PREGNANT. Yea... She wants to tan while she is pregnant. Now in her defense she knows the dangers of tanning beds so she doesn't want to do that. She wants a spray tan.

Now I don't know if spray tanning is safe or not but it doesn't seem like it would be. How can tanning be so important to someone that they feel the need to tan while they are pregnant? Why can't people just feel comfortable with who they are? It's sad really.

I've tanned. I've been au natural. Personally, nothing compares to knowing you are beautiful without anything glopped on.

So I'll be au natural. What you do is up to you but I know you're beautiful without all the extra stuff.


  1. this may sound dumb...but you can't tan while your pregnant? i've never gone tanning and have no want or desire to...the paler the better lol

  2. I like my insides un baked...but maybe thats just me :) I think that its ridiculous to want to be tan while you're pregnant...I mean you're growing a life, focus on that not how your skin looks lol. Don't pregnant women have fantastic skin though? Like acne free and whatnot?

  3. Lol it's not dumb. You're really not supposed to tan at all. There are tons of dangers in tanning, mainly skin cancer. Tanning while pregnant is extremely dangerous because you aren't supposed to raise your body temperature. There are a ton of dangers involved with tanning while pregnant though. Mostly to the baby.

  4. Ugh I wish!! Some pregnant women get fantastic skin while others endure the increase in hormones and increase in acne. My skin was really bad at the beginning of my pregnancy but now it's a whole lot better.

  5. This is so weird because I have a post waiting to be published where I am talking about how I am so pale but want nothing more than to be tan. I dont want to use tanning beds because of the dangers.

    I have done the tanning beds before and while they are ok, I just dont understand risking your health. Plus, do you really want to look like leather when you are older.

    Someone tanning while they are pregnant? That is just beyond selfish! I didnt realize it was so hard to be pale for nine months. It might not be glamours but I would think the health of your unborn baby would mean more. Hopefully that womans baby is ok.

  6. I am so against tanning, why do people always want to look tan? Why is it so bad to be naturally pale? I get asked stupid questions all the time like "Why don't you go tan?" "Why are you so faired skin"? it is so annoying.

  7. I go tanning lol. Not like all the time, but I do it. I just like the way it looks, but if someone likes being pale it's whatever. I like bronze, not orange tan. I wouldn't do it pregnant though, I think it harms the baby. Spray tans I don't think are harmful, but they come out streaky a lot of the time. I've never gotten one, but I've seen some bad ones haha.


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