Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well, it's snowing...again.

Did I move to North Carolina? I'm pretty sure I did but all of this snow is throwing me off.

It's pretty much a white out at my house right now. Of course Mr. Sykes would have to be working today too so I can't even enjoy a snow day with him. I'm hoping the mail still comes today because I am expecting a package. What is in that package will be for another post so that I can include pictures :-)

Hint: It's for Abigail so you know it's adorable.

I'm from New York so I love snow, when it serves a purpose. I can't do anything with it down here so it's just kind of a drag. I can't wait until I move back home and get to enjoy a good NY snow again.

As for now, I'll be looking out my window every couple of minutes waiting to see the mail man drive by.

Oh, and reading. My mom sent me a package full of books to keep myself occupied these last couple of weeks before Abigail is born. Isn't she wonderful?

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